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Online video preview

Below is a video preview of our game. You'll see the main menu and X-Ray's trip through different game levels. You can also listen to the game music and sound effects in stereo.

Screenshots from the final version of the game, made using Atari800Win PLus emulator.

Title screen of the game. You can choose between
all levels you have reached so far, turn
the background graphics off or on and adjust the volume
of music and sound effects.

Entering level 1 called "Welcome!". Grab your joystick
or put your fingers on the keyboard.
The game is about to begin!

During the gameplay you can adjust music and sound effects volume by simply pressing N/M keys for music, and D/F for sound effects. Cute, isn't it?

At the bottom of the screen we see the number of lives, current score, and the number of available jumps (triggered with a fire). Below, there is a progress bar, showing how far in a given level we are.

Different tiles have different properties and give you different number of points.

Look for the extra lives! They can be hidden, but they are worth the effort. For every life you get extra bonus points at the end of a level.

If you hit a tile that stops the tunnel, you start losing points instead of gaining them. Hurry up!

Try to beat me!

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