Authors or the "Yoomp!" game:
Marcin "Eru" Żukowski
Contact: eru at scene dot pl

     ·  original idea
     ·  main code
     ·  levels "Kindergargen", "Los kileros" and "Beam me up!"
     ·  tiles design
Łukasz "X-Ray" Sychowicz
Contact: xray at slight dot pl

     ·  music
     ·  sound effects
     ·  all remaining levels
     ·  tiles design
     ·  testing
     ·  movies
Bartek "BeWu" W±siel
Contact: bewu at atari dot pl

     ·  title and end-of-the-game graphics
     ·  game background graphics
     ·  fonts
     ·  ball and shadow animation
     ·  website design and graphics
Piotr "0xF" Fusik
Contact: fox at scene dot pl

     ·  decompression routine
     ·  music playback routine
     ·  moral support

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All rights reserved. Copyright © 2007 By Marcin Żukowski, Łukasz Sychowicz, Piotr Fusik and Bartek W±siel