Download Yoomp! game, music and other files
Game executables

The current Yoomp! version is 1.1. It adds the NTSC version, level codes, and some minor changes. You can download:
     ·   ATR version, that includes both PAL and NTSC versions (proper version is automatically loaded)
     ·   XEX version for PAL machines
     ·   XEX version for NTSC machines


Older versions

     ·   Original archive sent to the ABBUC 2007 Software Contest
     ·   ATR file with the game and the manual
     ·   XEX executable
     ·   game manual in a PC format.

Game sources

We are considering the released of the Yoomp! sources. Currently, they are not available.


Here are the links to the game tunes, as described below. Use right-click to save them on your hard disk:

     ·  Main menu tune in OGG format (1.8 Mb)
     ·  Start level tune in OGG format (1.1 Mb)
     ·  In-game music in OGG format (5.9 Mb)
     ·  Level done tune in OGG format (1.2 Mb)
     ·  Game over tune in OGG format (1.0 Mb)
     ·  Congratulations tune in OGG format (1.6 Mb)

Video preview

If you want to have a copy of the video preview from the Media section, you can download it from the link below:

     ·  Video preview in MP4 format (24 Mb)

Desktop wallpapers

All desktop wallpapers have dimensions of 1024x768 pixels. You can choose between three different file format options. To save them on your hard disk simply right-click on one of the links and choose Save As... option. Left-click on the link will open the wallpaper in a new browser window.

     ·  wallpaper in GIF format, 8-bit color (164 Kb)
     ·  wallpaper in JPG format, 32-bit color (196 Kb)
     ·  wallpaper in PNG format, 32-bit color (327 Kb)

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